Scott Warren

Long term remote working frontend engineer whose approach is rooted in empathy, I build complete applications that are intuitive, user-friendly, and effective.

Brisbane, Australia



I am an experienced remote frontend engineer who enjoys creating high performing, well-tested code that helps companies achieve real business outcomes. I am self-sufficient and have enjoyed working in driven teams of all sizes.

Work Experience


2021 - 2024

Frontend Engineer -> Frontend Lead

Initially started as a frontend engineer, and transitioned to leading the frontend, while also building features end to end. Developed React components and UI features using TypeScript, Styled Components (transitioned to) Tailwind CSS, Redux, Storybook, and Radix UI. Building the Electron app targeting Mac OS. Led multiple initiatives to modernise the frontend, including redesigning the user interface, migrating codebase to TypeScript and creating a component library with automated visual testing. Profiled, managed, and implemented required changes for improving the UI performance.


2021 - 2021

Full Stack Engineer

Full-stack role, working with technologies including React, GraphQL, Node (specifically Express), and PostgreSQL.


2019 - 2020

Senior Product Engineer

As a member of the frontend team, I was responsible for building collaboration, charting, and integration features, prioritizing usability, accessibility, and testability. I also helped establish a positive and empathetic team culture as the second employee and first engineer. The technologies utilised included React, Node, GraphQL, Apollo, Prisma, D3.js, TypeScript, Lerna, Jest, and React Testing Library.

Selected, Inc.

2018 - 2019

Senior Product Engineer

I was responsible for building new features for our React frontend, adding functionality to an existing Angular 1.x app, and implementing functional/e2e testing using Cypress. I also managed CI integration with Travis CI. I worked on a teacher/school matching platform utilizing React.js, Angular (1.x), Node.js, MongoDB, and Webpack (build process).


2017 - 2018

Frontend Engineer

Collaborated with owner and team of developers in creating an ICO investment platform using React, LESS, Semantic UI and Node.js/ MongoDB stack. Created intuitive frontend user interface experience for customers on the ICO platform. Developed custom API layer for improved security to integrate different back-end services


2017 - 2017

Frontend Engineer

Frontend Engineering role involved in building a mortgage application web app in a micro-service architecture utilising the following technologies: React, Redux, SCSS/SASS, Apollo. Data storage layer: Apollo, GraphQL, Postgres, Node. DevOps: Docker, Buddy CI, Webpack

Frontend Engineer

Developed and maintained frontend features using React, Backbone, Marionette, Underscore, jQuery, and 'vanilla' Javascript. Applied knowledge of Symfony (PHP) to integrate with a RESTful Java application. Conceptualized and deployed new project based features in partnership with key stakeholders. Used Github, Bitbucket, Slack, Google Suite and JIRA for efficient collaboration and tracking progress. Played an integral role in transitioning Flight Centre's online Flight Booking Engine from Marionette/Backbone to React (while keeping the existing Symfony backend component intact)

Web Developer

Worked directly with stakeholders on the Flight Centre Flight Booking Engine, including a conversion from Javascript MVC to Marionette/Backbone.


Frontend Architecture
Tailwind CSS
Styled Components


All references available on LinkedIn.

I worked alongside Scott for a number of years from a more product-focused non-technical role. Scott was brilliant at always taking the time to explain technical concepts and provide help in upskilling me at every stage.

Scott bridged the gap between the engineering and product teams with very clear communication and ensuring to simplify for non-technical team members so everyone could be on the same page when going into a project.

Not only is he a great engineer but a lovely person to work alongside and a great asset to any team!

Edward Anders
Senior Founder's Associate @ Compose

I've had the pleasure of working with Scott and what a delightful experience it has been.

Scott is an excellent engineer. Technically very gifted and always curious. He has a keen eye for detail and always upholds strong engineering standards both for himself and the code he reviews.

But beyond his technical skills, Scott really embodies the qualities of an empathetic leader. He has always pushed our engineering team to adopt better workflows and habits and is always mindful of hearing everyone out.

Scott is a cornerstone of excellent engineering culture - he really makes the team tick and keeps us in check when it comes to process.

Working with him is a delight and I always find myself learning something new about front end development.

Rami Kalai
CEO @ Co-founder and Compose

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Scott at Compose for over 2 years. As a fellow member of the engineering team, I have been consistently impressed by his exceptional skills and dedication to self improvement, support and technical knowledge.

Scott possesses an extensive knowledge of React and other frontend technologies, which he applies with precision and creativity to every project he undertakes. His ability to grasp complex technical concepts and translate them into elegant, user-friendly interfaces is truly remarkable.

What sets Scott apart, however, is not just his technical prowess, but also his outstanding communication and soft skills. He excels in fostering collaboration within our team and effectively communicating in a remote work environment. Scott makes communication a breeze, ensuring that everyone is aligned and projects progress smoothly.

I wholeheartedly recommend Scott for any development role. His combination of technical expertise, communication skills, and professionalism makes him an invaluable asset to any team.

Bailey Matthews
Full-Stack Software Engineer @ Compose

Scott is an outstanding Frontend Engineer, showcasing deep technical expertise in React and TypeScript. He brings a wealth of invaluable experience and knowledge of best practices, significantly enhancing the quality of any projects he contributes to.

Beyond his technical skills, Scott demonstrates exceptional empathy and teamwork abilities, fostering a positive and collaborative environment for everyone around him. He is a true asset to any team, consistently driving improvements and inspiring his colleagues with his dedication and insight.

Vlad Hadarean
Full Stack Engineer @ Compose

I've had the pleasure to work with Scott for over 2 years. Over this time Scott quickly demonstrated a deep knowledge of React & Typescript and this combined with his stellar communication and project management skills made it a natural for him to lead on all our front end projects at Compose.

Scott also proved his versatility as a software engineer by up skilling helping the team out when needed on backend and API work. Finally, I would highlight that his team work skills are impeccable - he comes to the table with no ego with a sole purpose of getting work done to the highest quality with a strong consideration for business needs & speed.

Danny Hakim
Co-founder @ Compose

Scott is an expert front-end developer with an incredibly diverse background in multiple different technologies, he has a natural aptitude for building complex interfaces while keeping his code maintainable, working to requirements as well as offering valuable insights when needed.

More importantly, Scott is an absolute pleasure to work with, and in my experience, is the epitome of a team player.

Jamie Scollay
Software Engineer @ Compose

Scott is a rare find of an engineer - empathetic, product focused with great attention to detail and a curious mind focusing on the right UX. From week one he was thrown in the deep end with the challenge of implementing SSR (Next.js) across our marketing site. Not only he managed to deliver this timely and independently, but he also got the complete site re-brand off the ground simultaneously at a rocket speed just on time for product launch.

Working closely with Scott has been a pleasure - he brings great energy to the team, never misses a chance to do one more detailed objective and empathetic PR review, to write an extra test to prevent future bugs or to create a new inside joke emoji before you could blink. Aside from the technical excellence, the qualities I most admire in Scott are his courage, fair-mindedness and care for the team! I sincerely hope our professional paths cross again in the future!

Polly St.
Frontend Engineer @ Qatalog

I had the pleasure of working with Scott during his time at Graphy. Scott joined as one of our first engineers and played an integral role in building an open, communicative, friendly culture from the beginning.

Andrey Vinitsky
CEO @ Graphy

Scott brings unmatched positivity and warmth to everything he does. His proactive and creative approach to solving problems, especially anything related culture, is a huge asset to any team that is lucky enough to have him. I can't recommend working with Scott highly enough.

Kelly Adam
Operations @ Graphy

I worked with Scott for roughly a year at Graphy, and whilst I did not work with him much in a technical sense, I can safely say he is one of the most kind and empathetic team members I have ever met, and would be a fantastic personal fit in any team.

Michael Porter
Backend Engineer @ Graphy

I had a pleasure of working with Scott at Graphy. Scott is a stellar engineer, constantly focused on delivering customer value in all areas of product development. He always kept himself and the team to the highest quality standards and was never too shy to question decisions to make sure we are on the right path. It was also his kind nature and "people first" approach that made working with him so great.

Igor Sechyn
Backend Engineer @ Graphy

As the COO (and head of product) of Selected, I had the pleasure of closely working with Scott — the primary front-end developer on our team.

Scott is someone I highly recommend. Of the many talented engineers I’ve had the privilege of working with, Scott ranks in the top tier. I recommend him not only for his technical skills but, perhaps more importantly, for his non-technical skills.

Scott is one of the most thoughtful people I know. He is kind, inquisitive, and has an extreme sense of ownership. He quickly volunteered to take on big responsibilities and cared for them tirelessly. He was one of the most consistent producers, releasing early and often.

He is also an excellent communicator. He seeks to understand and share in a clear and succinct manner. One of his talents is his ability to explain complicated, technical issues in plain speak.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that I had a lot of fun with Scott. I really enjoyed our one-off conversations that revealed his humor, and that he is wise beyond his years. He has the character, leadership potential, and service-orientation to uplift any team that he is a part of.

Eric Kim
COO and head of product @ Selected

Scott is a capable and bright engineer and also very pleasant to work with - I'd gladly join forces with him again! Besides his technical skills, what I like in him the most is his clear communication style, which is a great asset to have in any team.

Dmitry Sechyn
Backend Engineer @ Apifini

I worked with Scott for ~5 years and found that he has a passion for web development using best practices to achieve real business outcomes. He is a constant learner and welcomes guidance and feedback from technical leadership. He is a team player and contributor to the team's progress toward engineering maturity. He would be an asset to any team. Scott is easy to work with and I would definitely work with him in the future.

Dane Harnett
Software Engineer @ Flight Centre

Scott was always a great member of the team and brought a lot of energy to the group. Technically he was always looking to learn new things and push the products forward. Scott is a great full stack developer that I would happily work with again and would be a good addition to any development team.

Simon Collier-Baker
Engineering Manager @ Flight Centre

Scott is an invaluable developer, with exceptional skills in React, Redux, SCSS/SASS, Apollo, Graphql, Node.js and responsive web development. He brings a mature work ethic, and an insatiable willingness to go beyond to help others out (even if it means delving into a task that he is unsure of). He has a great sight for opportunity, and is constantly trying improve processes to make a better work environment. I found Scott very friendly and easy to get along with, and I would gladly work with him in the future.

Wesley Charles Blake
DevOps Engineer @ RealKey

Scott was just what RealKey needed to build our React Front-End. He deeply believes in company values and norms, and is a hard worker. He naturally communicative and empathetic. Scott would be a great addition to any team.

Will Hanson
Engineering Manager @ RealKey